Generic size woven labels

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Our generic size labels are available in black or white ground. 500 pcs minimum order. It is cheaper than a custom made woven labels because we don’t need to match the colors of your main label and they are produced in bulk. Order now !


Is retail dead ?

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This is the best time to launch your #brand or #clothing line.  You can do that at a very minimal cost unlike a brick and mortar store where you need a lot of capital. We hear in the news about mall and store closings at a dizzying pace that we wonder if #retail #business is “dead” ? I say, it’s to the contrary,  because the marketplace has only moved to #digital, #online or #cyberspace as we call it during the early days of the #Internet #revolution.  Businesses that survive have an online presence and are able to adopt in this new landscape.  

What do you do with with all this fast and furious disruptions going on around us ?  You can start by educating yourself about #socialmedia and selling in #Amazon or other online #marketplace that is in your country.

 If you have a concept or design of your product, then you got yourself a business. Here at #texlabels we come across all kinds of #business #people that are passionate #entrepreneurs. People who are #dreamers like us and does not take “No” for an answer. We know they have skin in the #game and will #survive no matter how the cards are dealt.

Here’s one of our customer’s sample #wovenlabels. If you want your #designs to be featured in our #blog, just send me an e-mail at 

 Flag woven labels in your clothing, uniforms or bags

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  • Are you representing your team in another country?  Why not add  a flag woven labels in your sports uniforms so that people will know where you are from, plus you are the new ambassadors of your country so it’s best to look your best in your #jerseys, #hats, #shirts, #sports bags or other #team items  that you wear.  Here’s a sample of our #flag #wovenlabels that are custom-made per your specs. Let us know how we can help you by emailing us at or calling us toll free at 888-380-2862

Rubber key chain and patches

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If you are looking for a promotional item give away this coming holidays, ask us about our rubber key chains and patches. Your customers will surely remember you next time they drive or put on that hat with your logo on it. Here are some ideas to get you started on your design.  

Texlabels sample rubber promo items

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Woven patches samples

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If you want a more detailed patch, this will make your
small letters stand out than the usual embroidered patch. The threads are smaller and softer too plus you can order as low as 50 pcs.

Generic American flag woven label

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Here’s a sample of our custom made American Flag woven label.  Some customers do not require that much detail so it is cheaper and faster to get a generic woven labels.  The design and size is already done in bulk so you can just reorder this anytime.  Call us for any inquiry you may have regarding our generic labels at 888-380-2862 or you can send us an e-mail at